The Journeyer

I have always wanted to be that mysterious woman behind the brim of a big hat! Since I don’t wear hats this picture is probably as close as I will come to my desire! The biggest mystery in my life is where this journey of life will take me next. I have been retired for almost 6 years and live in Sparta, North Carolina. The Blue Ridge mountains in this northern part of North Carolina are a solace and home for my soul.  Living 0.3 mile from The Blue Ridge Parkway means that I often come across those breathtaking vistas of hazy blue mountains.  Each time I say to myself, “That’s why I live here!”

I have been an Episcopal priest for 33 years and before Seminary I was a Nurse Anesthetist. Nursing is a”first love” and after I retired I went back to school and restored my nursing license. I’m not sure what part of my journey, yet to come, will provide an opportunity for nursing but it feels right to know that it’s there.

I live with my 8 year old Golden Retriever, Bella and a 10 year old Tortoise shell cat named Pumpkin. There are stories to tell about these two creatures! They are always teaching me something new about my own relationship to creation and the Creator.

Writing is an important part of my life. The physical act of writing things down feels so essential to who I am. And even though I use a computer to write now, it is still an act that satisfies  something in me. I write poetry (occasionally), sermons (once in a while) and lists (perpetually). I try to keep some kind of record of my inner life and my relationship to God. In the dark times when God doesn’t seem close, it’s helpful to remember the days when I felt God’s presence in the day to day things of life.

Paper, pens, pencils, colored inks, paint  and glue are ways that I express myself. I have a small space set up as a “studio” and I love being able to sit at that table and put things together in a way that pleases me. There are stories there too. It seems like so much of life comes through my fingers as I work with paper or fabric or yarn.

Life is a mysterious journey of twists and turns. Along the way we have an opportunity to connect to others by sharing our life.  Making that connection with others through this blog will enrich my life and keep interested and involved in the creative gifts that God has given me. I hope it will stir you to do the same in your life.

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