The Journey

Over the past couple of days I have tried to be intentional about creating some space for creativity. People might look at my life as a retired person and think that finding space for creativity is easy! Truthfully, I do have a lot of time at my disposal for “creating”.  Yes, there are the usual distractions of keeping up with friends, taking care of the house or the yard and caring for the pets who share my journey, but in the midst of those things there is time to create. The problem I find is that my brain never really stops; it seems to always be on to the next thing.  It actually takes a couple of days to slow my brain down so that I can reclaim some of the inspiration that gets buried in the busyness.

On Thursday, Bella (my golden retriever) and I came to Fern Hill Cabin in Laurel Springs, NC. It’s only about 25 minutes from my house, but it might as well be in another country. We are on top of a mountain, surrounded by Christmas trees. One of the things I love about living in Allegheny County is that most of the mountain tops are covered with these beautiful Fraser Firs instead of houses. From our small cabin perched on this mountain I can see part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and ranges of mountains extending outward for what seems forever.  Down the road from this cabin, our good friends, Pat and Fred Hardee live in their place called Mepkin. “Serene and lovely” is the meaning of Mepkin, a word from our Native American ancestors. Yesterday as I began to slow down, I felt anything but serene.  Going home was on my mind and I kept thinking of all those things I could be DOING.

This morning Bella and I went walking in and among the Christmas trees. Crisscrossing roads wind through the rows of trees.  Walking these “rutted roads” before I have found that even though it is hard to get lost, you might spend more time than you wish finding the right road out. Our journey today took us up and down these roads until, hot and sweaty, I decided to take a road to the left sure that it would take us back to Fern Hill Rd. It did, but not before leading us up and around, under blooming blackberry bushes and through areas thick with budding Queen Anne’s lace. We rested on the deck at Mepkin cooling off before we began the last (and greatest) hill to the cabin.

A very wise person once told me that if you have a “racing mind” go out and walk so far that all you can worry about is how you are going to get home. My mind was thus focused today and with that physical tiredness my heart  and mind began to slow down and open up.

Finding ways to open up space; ways to slow down and reconnect to the Creator who authors all creativity is one of my hopes for this blog. I hope you will join me in the journey.

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