Counting Cows – The Trip


When I was growing up, our family often played games to pass the time on car trips. One of the games we played was “counting cows”. We would divide up into 2 teams. Each team got one side of the road. Then we started counting the cows we saw on our side of the road. It sounds easy but if you came to a cemetery and the other team spotted it, you had to bury all your cows and start over. I remember one game when my team (my mom and I) had to bury all our cows and we were almost to our destination. The other team had also had to bury their cows not too long before us but they had since gotten about a dozen cows. I decided that our team had lost and that I would have to hear my brothers gloat. But then we came around a curve and just before our turn there was a hillside full of cows! There must have been 50 cows there! What a windfall!!

Some friends and I are about to set out on a BIG car trip. Should we choose to count cows, there would be plenty of opportunity for it. We are headed across the country, When we get to Washington we will board a  ferry in Bellingham. Over the next 5 days the ferry will take us up the “inside passage” to Alaska. One purpose of the journey is to take friends: the Hardee’s (Pat and Fred), Subaru Outback to their daughter who lives on the Kenai Peninsula. Having never been to Alaska, I want to see as much of it as I can in the three weeks we will be there. The other passenger in the car will be Pat’s niece Debra Lundy. Debbie is a retired schoolteacher. Our plan is to leave home on July 11; board the ferry on August 19 and fly home on September 13. See what I mean about plenty of time to count cows?

We will be making some planned stops as we go across the country but much of the trip will be unplanned, and spontaneous. It will be an adventure from beginning to end and you will be able to follow those adventures on this blog! I hope you will stay tuned for the ramblings of this journey.















3 thoughts on “Counting Cows – The Trip

  1. Woohoo. What a trip you have ahead of you. Travel mercies in abundance. When you get out west you can count cows, but you can also add bonus points for antelope, deer, elk, moose, bears, wolves, coyotes, eagles, cranes, etc See you in several weeks.


  2. What a fun adventure! I am looking forward to following your journey. I miss you every day. Love and hugs and prayers for your journey!


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