Day One: Journey to Alaska

005      The Leaving Selfie with me concentrating too much!

The advantage of having a retired history teacher traveling with you is that you get to learn all kinds of new things! So today started with Debbie saying “Circle the wagons…wagons ho” Do any of you know why a short cigar is called a “stogie”. Because the drivers on the Conestoga wagons chewed on their short cigars as they drove. So they began calling them “stogies”.

Starting this journey felt a little unreal after so much planning.  Driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway, we decided that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. It’s amazing to think of all the beautiful things, and places we will see as we travel across the country. And Alaska! The beautiful pictures I have seen from there will become real. I am the only one in the car who hasn’t been to Alaska. The others are anxious to see my face when I see Denali! I’m sure someone will record the event!


We stopped on the grounds of a Brethren Church near Hillsville, VA for a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful place at the top of a hill with a wonderfully cool breeze. Cheese, carrot sticks and humus, nuts and apples while we looked at an amazing garden planted next to the church. A red barn across the road tempted those of us who love to draw. We took pictures to remember the beauty.

As we got closer to Knoxville, TN the evening traffic picked up. 5 – 6 lanes of cars is just a “little” more than we have in Sparta! We did just fine and with Pat working the phone we found a place to stay for tonight. All is well. Tomorrow, on to New Harmony, Indiana.

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