Friday – Oregon Coast


Martha in her back seat nest…preparing for the blog!

A long, but very beautiful, drive yesterday up the Oregon coast. Stopping often as we drove, we saw WHALES at Depot Bay and incredible rock formations with smoky fog swirling around their tops and the Pacific Ocean foaming at the bases. It was a day of adventure which ended at Tillamook where we were able to stay for the night. Today we get ICE CREAM and CHEESE from Tillamook Dairy! We “drooled” our way here, teasing ourselves with thoughts of creamy goodness. Last night we “sampled” the ice cream on some blackberry cobbler and chocolate lava cake, but because it wasn’t a “pure” sample we will have to try again today.



Group Selfie at the Pacific Ocean…coast to coast!

The beaches along Hwy 101 going north were beautiful with huge rocks and windswept trees. The trees looked like sculptures with their windblown foliage standing at right angles to the branches. Some of the huge rocks are called “haystacks”, and they do resemble stacked hay. It was breezy as it often is by the ocean and the temperature never got over 64 making it chilly outside. Our fleeces and jackets finally came out of hiding in the back of the car to protect us. It felt odd to put on warm clothing when the rest of the country is sweltering in the heat!

We just left Tillamook Dairy where we had ice cream for lunch. Owned by its dairy farmers, the company has a wonderful emphasis on the cows who give the milk for their products. They recognize that cows that are well fed and well cared for give more milk, so one might say that “the cows rule”. That they produce good cheese and ice cream is something that I can now personally attest to. We had several different flavors among us: Marionberry Pie, Chocolate Mudslide, White Chocolate Raspberry, Udderly Vanilla, Chocolate, and Tillamook Strawberry. Can you match the flavors with the people?

We had some lights come on in the car and so we are currently exploring the reason for those lights with a mechanic. There’s probably a good chance that the lights are some sort of computer or electrical problem but we will get things sorted out. The doc is checking it out as we write.

So we are headed to Corvallis to be at the Subaru place there tomorrow morning to get the Outback checked out. We are all in good spirits, safe and in a beautiful place to have car trouble.

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