Rainy Sunday

August 13, 2015 030

Oregon Coast

Corvallis, Oregon is a lovely college town of about 57,000 persons. With 36,400 students state wide, Oregon State University which is located in Corvallis has come a long way from its 1868 founding. It is a public research university with $336 million in external research funding in 2016. It is Oregon’s Land Grant university and one of only two universities in the U.S. to have Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant designations as well. One of their focuses is Agriculture and they have 15 Agricultural Experiment Stations in the state. They have a Marine Science Center in Newport and are involved in research on climate change, public health, sustainable energy and poverty. Their website says that they are located in Corvallis, one of the greenest, safest, and smartest, small communities in the U.S. From what we have seen this weekend they have a right to brag about this community. Corvallis’ tree-lined streets and older, gentrified neighborhoods are beautiful whether it’s raining or sunny!


We have rested this weekend and done some of the things that will help us get ready for our travel to Alaska. The Subaru is in rehab, so to speak, and so we are taking advantage of the time to reorganize and rest.



I didn’t get to send the Oregon coast pictures from Friday so they are included in this post for your viewing pleasure. We saw so many beautiful places and things as we drove north on Hwy 101 along the coast. Oregon has the kind of variety in landscape that North Carolina has…mountains to sea. In addition they have high desert and some of the biggest agricultural fields I have ever seen. On our way to Corvallis as we drove inland from the coast, we saw some of their Christmas tree production. In 2016 they harvested 5.2 million trees for Christmas trees and North Carolina harvested 3.5 trees making them number one and two in Christmas tree production. Fraser fir trees are the majority of our production in NC; while in Oregon they harvest 54% Noble fir, 32% Douglas fir, 5% Grand fir, 4% Nordmann/Turkish fir  and 2% all others. We saw some big trees as we drove and they were indeed beautiful.

August 13, 2015 016

Another beautiful state to add to our growing list of places we love in this country!

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