060Space for the Journey is a place to share my journey as a way of encouraging others to find voice for their own journeys in life. Stories, wisdom from others, poems, and reflections on life are important parts of making connections to that creative space that exists in each one of us. The very essence of the One in whose image we are all created is “Creator”. ┬áConnecting to our creativity is one way of connecting to God. For some it may be the only way this connection happens; for others it is one of several other ways that they experience that relationship with God.

Whatever it is for you, I hope that this blog will be a place where you find that “space” and are encouraged to explore your creative spirit along your journey.

About the blogger: My name is Martha Honaker. I am a retired Episcopal priest, and registered nurse. Sparta, North Carolina is where I live with my dog, Bella, and cat, Pumpkin. My heart is solidly set in the culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the music, stories and people of these mountains.