August 20, 2017 014

View from the deck

Forgetting to turn my watch back to Alaska time gave me a chance to get up at 5:30 this morning! I am glad that I was up early because the weather was clear and I was able to catch a couple of whales floating along as we passed the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Marine Park. We are now further north and it has become very foggy. Islands with rocky shores and evergreens filling in the rest of the area are passing by. Colorful fishing ships emerge out of the fog like mirages on a desert. The temperature outside is in the 50’s, damp and cold as the fog swirls around. Crew members spotted a group of doll porpoises swimming on the starboard side of the ship but they disappeared too soon for most to see.

Our cabins are not cruise ship luxury but they are clean and tidy with a bunk bed on one side and a sofa which makes into a bed on the other side of the room. Over the sofa is another bunk that lets down from the wall. Debbie and I are choosing to sleep on the two lower bunks, which are surprisingly comfortable. Aida brought me a picture that she had done and I taped it to the underside of the top bunk to cheer  my little space. Charging my phone in the plug on the light over the bed gave me a little “nightlight”. Each cabin has its own bathroom with a shower. All in all it is quite comfortable and between our two cabins we have stowed  some “provisions” to keep us nourished through the trip. There is a café where coffee is 1.50 a cup with 1 free refill. We will no doubt eat some meals there but for the ease of our budgets we brought some peanut butter and other options.

Sleep came quickly last night. We had a lovely, busy day getting ready for the ferry and with the soothing vibration of the engines, I was able to relax. I’m not sure when the occupants of our other cabin woke up, but they just joined us in the Forward Observation Deck. Aida is full of life and keeps us all on our toes.

This afternoon we had a medical emergency on the boat. I’m not sure what it was but when we reached New Bella Bella on the Bella Bella Indian Reserve in British Columbia the ship stopped in the middle of the channel to take the patient off the boat. They loaded her on a Coast Guard Ship to get her to medical care nearby. While we waited we spotted a frolicking whale off of an island on one side of the boat. When someone spots a whale everyone comes to that side of the ship…it’s a wonder we don’t tip over! There are 161 passengers on our ferry which can hold up to 400 passengers. A good mix of older folks and parents with children. The movie offerings are mostly for the younger folks while those of us who are older do a variety of things. I’ve been knitting a hat to wear outside on the ferry and I finished it today. They have games on the ferry and some people are working on jig saw puzzles. Around 11:30 am or so we got out into some rougher water and the boat pitched and rolled some for about an hour.  It was a bit uncomfortable but not sickening. Hopefully, none of our medications will be needed.



This is what we do while cruising!

Tomorrow is the eclipse and we also dock in the Alaskan town of Ketchikan. We are supposed to dock at 8 and leave at 10 am so we should be able to get off and walk around a bit. All after another night of rest.

August 20, 2017 031

Hunting Lodge seen from ship