Headed North

august-16-2017-001.jpgCourthouse in Corvallis

Corvallis has been a wonderful home for us over the past several days. Our car was being worked on by the local Subaru place. The solenoid was slipping, or stopped up, or just plain ole bad!  Ordering a new one took a couple of days but finally today the part came and was put into the Outback. We are now headed north on Interstate 5. Spotting beautiful Mt. Hood in the distance is a great joy because it means there are other snow covered mountains coming our way!


Sculpture of Callie in downtown Corvallis

We won’t forget Corvallis for a long time. We spent one day walking around downtown engaging with some of the local businesses. Grassroots Books and Music, the Gearbox and Many Hands are some of the places we enjoyed adding our bit to the economy of Corvallis. People were friendly and unified in their support of our efforts to get to Alaska!


Selfie with the Outback – Pat in particular looks very happy!

August 16, 2017 011

Headed to the Post Office to mail things home

The Post Office did a good business with us today as we posted our summer clothes home along with some of the other things we have purchased. Debbie held everything together till we got to the Post Office!